The Richmond County Historical Society Archives exist to:

1. collect and preserve archival materials which are pertinent to the history of Richmond County and adjacent areas;

2. arrange and describe these materials according to archival principles and make them accessible to the public, unless access is restricted by legal requirements or written agreement with the donor;

3. provide adequate and appropriate conditions (within the means of the historical society) for the storage, protection and conservation of archival material;

4. provide reference services and access for public viewing on the premises;

5. provide educational programming and promotional material whenever possible to increase public awareness and appreciation of the history of Richmond County and adjacent areas

Material acquired by the Richmond County Historical Society Archives shall become the permanent property of the Society. Should the material be deemed no longer useful to the Society the Executive, on the advice of the Archivist, may deaccession
it. All information pertaining to the deaccessioning and disposition of the materials will be retained in the Archives' records.
The Society retains the right to reproduce materials by mechanical, electronic, or photographic means for security. conservation, or research purposes.
The Society will accept historical material of any medium including: paper records (letters, diaries, journals and other unpublished written materials); photographs and other visual records; maps, plans and architectural records; sound recordings and oral history tapes; printed material (eg. local newspapers, books) and electronically stored data. The Archives will also store the records of Richmond County Historical Society.
The Society retains the right to charge for any reproduction or other research service. (See RCHS policies concerning photocopying of documents and professional reproduction of photographs, August, 1994.) No unpublished document will be photocopied in its entirety except for the Society's use. Only reproductions of photographs will be photocopied. Materials of aged and fragile nature (eg. local newspapers, journals, ledgers, letters) will be available for viewing only and not for photocopying.

The Society will accept material on a permanent basis only, except when borrowing material for short-term loans to reproduce or to include in publications, displays or exhibits.

The Archivist is authorized to deny access of archival materials to anyone he/she believes may physically abuse materials or use them in a libelous or illegal manner. Adopted by Richmond County Historical Society
April 26. 1995.
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